Why You Aren't Getting What You Want

Why You Aren't Getting What You Want

It's easy to live life on auto-pilot in our busy and distracting world.

But is this carving out how you want your life to be? 

You could hop in your proverbial car and just drive, and sure you might see some cool stuff - but you probably won't end up at any major landmark unless you plot your trip.


That said - the biggest reason people don't get what they want in life is simply because they don't know what they want.


It's time for a Life Plan   "A man without a plan is like a ship without a rudder." ~ Thomas Carlyle



Make a list of everything you think you might want in life. They could be personal accomplishments, cars, places you want to go, skills you want to learn, things you want to try, experiences you want to have etc.


The list will be large at first, but believe me as time goes on you will rediscover what is actually important to you and modify your list. 


We are not talking things like 'be rich' or 'be more fit'. We are talking actually setting specific and measurable goals here - some even with target dates.


It's important to see these as life Plan items and not life Goal items. These are things you are going to do; not a 'it'd sure be nice if' list. Goals tend to be loose and lack commitment.


Put a few easier 'low hanging fruit' items on your list (i.e. try a rare beer, deadlift 300lbs, run a half-marathon, save $5,000 dollars - whatever) The feeling of checking off accomplishments is addicting and it gives you momentum for bigger stuff. 


Visualize to materialize - Put pictures up of maybe a dozen things you want the most on a bulletin board, or your desktop wallpaper; tape them to your bathroom mirror if you have to.  


Keep it to yourself - Do Not talk to people about the items on your list (if you can help it). You may be thinking 'accountability partner', but studies have shown that the more you talk about your ambitions, the less likely you will achieve them.


Stop waiting for Permission - Whether they realize it or not, many people are holding back from doing what they really want in life because subconsciously they are still waiting for someone's implicit approval or 'permission' - if you will - to do it.


When people tell you something can't be done, it is usually a reflection of their own limitations, not yours.


Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. 


Believe in yourself and just do it!



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