Free Yourself With Minimalism

Free Yourself With Minimalism

You've probably heard of Minimalism in the media lately, or perhaps even seen a documentary on it.


When you hear it, you likely get the image of someone hauling away trash-bags full of stuff. Or perhaps a mid-twenties couple living in a customized van, complete with Christmas lights, a kitchenette, hammock, and lots of Instagram hashtags like #vanlife, #surfjamliveinavan or #homeiswhereyouparkit.


The real core of Minimalism however is this - getting rid of what doesn't matter in life, so that you can make more room for what does. 

Minimalism is also more than just tangible things, it is also about time and even people.

 Minimalist Bedroom

Physical Minimalism
It is (as you might guess) only having items that you really need or enjoy and use regularly. This effectively eliminates clutter and makes it a gazillion times easier to keep your living space clean and in order with less crap that you have to move and organize.


Having fewer things also allows you to have nicer things.


Minimalism is trading your 10 pairs of shoes for 3 good quality multi-use pairs. And swapping your 40 mediocre shirts for 10 or so high quality shirts.


Not only that, but your mind will feel clearer and more relaxed with a tidy home. 

On a subconscious level, your mind is constantly taking in information about your environment. And frankly, it can be a lot of things to process. Having a simpler and cleaner living space can put your mind at ease.


Start with a box for throwaway items and a box for giveaway items.


Take anything that you have not used (or even touched) in a year or two and really ask yourself if you would ever use it again or is worth keeping.


Turn all of your clothes hangers around (hook part facing you), and as you wear an item turn the hanger back facing the normal way. At the end of the year take everything with the hook still facing you and really ask yourself if you would actually ever wear that item again or if you should donate it.

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Take any duplicate books and movies that you know you never want to see/read again and donate or sell them.


Anything in your house that does not serve a purpose or bring you joy should be subject to removal.


Time Minimalism

Maybe you're the type who is constantly on the go, and you feel like you never have a moment to catch your breath. You might be sacrificing your sleep, your hobbies or relaxing downtime due to your hectic schedule.


Time to analyze what it is that is keeping you so busy. Your job? Commuting? Maybe think about a change. 
Your social life? If it brings you joy then great - but if you're tired of being so busy, maybe take a rain-check on the next night out.

Think about what you would like to be doing on a daily or weekly basis and intentionally make time for it.

Don't prioritize what's on your schedule, schedule your priorities


People Minimalism
Minimalism can also be about people and relationships. 


Sometimes there are people in your life that are simply a net deficit on the positive/negative balance sheet. 


It could be a toxic relationship, friendship or perhaps just someone you'd rather get a Drano enema than be around them, and yet you find yourself around them constantly.


Reevaluate these people/relationships and consider if they are worth maintaining. 

Remember- when confronted with any problem, you have 3 options:

If you can change it, change it. If you can't change it, accept it. If you can't accept it, leave it.

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